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captain Kris on Cherub sloop (3)Kris Dietrich is a writer and journalist and former political activist living in many countries around the world.

He participated in the “Orange Revolution” in 2004-2005 in Ukraine that saw Yushchenko and Tymoshenko come to power; current events in February and March 2014 to topple the Yanukoych regime make the release at this time of TABOO GENOCIDE all the more relevant to the on-going crisis of Russian domination of life in Ukraine.

A Yale graduate (Philo and Poli Sci) he studied phenomenology under Edward Casey. KRIS DETRICH then worked as special assistant to Hans Janitschek, former Secretary General of the Socialist International (in particular during the rise of Mario Soares in Portugal, and during the 1973 Salvador Allende Chile crisis), and living in Manhattan worked at DPI at the United Nations under Hans, special assistant to the Secretary General. After his work in India and Nepal Kris Dietrich pursued advanced studies at Johns Hopkins School of International Studies (SAIS), in particular under Fouad Adjami. At 24 he led an international coalition in the Koriala Defense Fund with Austrian President Bruno Kriesky, German Chancellor Willy Brandt, Jans Hanitschek, special assistant to the UN Secretary General, Philip Lloyd Noel Baker of the UK, former defense minister George Fernandez of India, and others to help restore democracy to the Kingdom of Nepal after the palace coup with US involvement against democratic socialist leader and Prime Minister B. P. Koirala. It was during this period that he first became a frequent visitor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama raising awareness of the Tibetan humanitarian mission.

Total Burma book KRIS DIETRICH joined the “International Herald Tribune”, in Paris, and worked in the finance editorial division, and he saw some of his stories published here. The next year launched and edited Tech Images Internationales, in Paris, which quickly became a leader in computer graphics animation industry known to every top animator in the business worldwide during the late eighties and early nineties, and a predecessor to the computer Age of the Internet, once an animated compressed digital image could be pushed down the pipeline. ie. moving pictures. He says, “People like to watch pictures that move”.

KRIS DIETRICH, alias Dawn Star, was also the founder of EuroBurmanet in 1996, with over a million hits a month (all registered on a Silicon Graphics Iris workstation) and carried some 14,000 articles, mostly written by his own hand,to promote the struggle for freedom and democracy in support of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and an end to ruthless military repression in Burma (“Myanmar”). The Free Burma campaign successfully achieved the imposition of US economic and political sanctions on the military junta. Author of TOTAL, L’Etat et La Nouvelle Economie, Chronique d’une guerre d’horreur, (Editions Nouvelles Lunes, Paris, 2000), sold through France. TotalElfFina during this time grew to be the world’s 4th largest oil company. Dawn Star virtually single-handedly launched the BOYCOTT TOTAL movement in France and worldwide on the net to raise public awareness of the French oil company’s investment backing the military junta in Rangoon, and and was an outspoken activist voice at the TOTAL oil company annual shareholder meeting. Once on the worldwide annual Womans Day, Dawn Star hung a 40 x 40 square yard yellow banner from the famous Pont des Arts over the Seine across from the Louvre with a painted portrait of Suu Kyi; it was filmed by Canal +. On another occasion Dawn Star was hustled out of a press conference in the Eiffle Tower by Pepsi’s guards, and played a part forcing Pepsi to terminate its investment in Burma, in collaboration the nationwide campus boycott campaign mounted by the FreeBurmaCoalition (FBC) directed by its co-founder, the Burmese activist and educator Zarni. These actions were initiated in 1995-1996 and pursued until 2001, in the effort to raise public and shareholder awareness for the necessity of an ethical approach to investment by corporations in foreign countries ruled by repression and military force against the rule of law backed by an independent judiciary with majority popular support.

A veteran yacht racer of two Fastnets (1977, 1985) and America’s Cup pre-competition (1979) KRIS DIETRICH currently lives aboard his 60-foot racing trimaran somewhere in warm and safe waters…

Please contribute and participate in his pioneering efforts to continue research and publication about the Holodomor and other sensitive public awareness issues against the increasing damage control and propaganda of Big Government which threaten freedom in our lives today.