Genocide is a unique phenomenon for modern man. It has a special power to kill. And power is habit-forming. Stalin made a habit of it and his regime thrived because of it. Stalin extended his success in the Ukraine by exterminating other nationalities, and then extending to other groups and sectors of his population even including his own political hierarchy of the communist political soviet system. Jews were spared the terrible anti-Semite persecution they suffered under the Tsar. Many of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews, as were the commissars of the dreaded secret police, the Chekha. Stalin resorted to similar methods casting to their fate more people fighting for their Motherland in the war against the fascist Hitler which took another twenty or more million. (The experts are out on the exact calculation.) German efficiency perfected the crude, rough and barren methods of the Russian “barbarians” with their genocidal death camps of the Jews. Hitler’s fanatical fascists would not spare even his most brilliant Jewish bankers and industrialists. Stalin’s terror becomes Hitler’s obsession and Russian Jewish communism his worst nightmare setting the world aflame.

Secrecy and deception is the modus operandi for all Presidents and their diplomatic agents from the shameless George Bush family– father and son, to George Washington and back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when the Russian Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin decimated the Ukrainians in the 1932-34 famine terror. For years the communist man-made famine swept through their fertile land of rich black soil. Why did they have to perish? The Ukrainians never really knew what hit them. Did they all have to die so that the great new Soviet society could live?

What dark forces were behind the plan for extermination of millions of hardworking men, women and children? And why were they never told the truth of the almighty international political intrigue that sent them to their doom. It happened then, and with ignorance of its real causes it might happen again. That haunts Viktor Yushchenko, swept into the presidency during the 2004 Orange Revolution, and fuels his crusade against reactionary indifference of the Russofied citizens of the Ukraine.

For Americans, it was printed on every dollar: put your faith in God, – not men. The first president of the United States graces every US dollar bill with the words “In God We Trust”. George Washington himself said, “The necessity of procuring good Intelligence is apparent need not be further urged. All that remains for me to add is, that you keep the whole matter as secret as possible. For upon Secrecy, Success depends in most Enterprises of the kind, & for want of it, they are generally defeated, however well planned & promising a favourable issue.”

Governments seldom reveal their best kept secrets. FDR wrote in code, thought in code and spoke in code. Few leaders and advisers understood the full meaning of many of his pensive meanderings. Many associates insisted on documents and instructions in writing, some of which he delivered, mostly not. Memoirs for the most part are largely entertaining anecdotal histories; classified documents are more useful in distinguishing fact from fiction and idle pursuits of memory. Governments protect their government men, especially these men in the Washington and London living in their tidy homes, offices and clubs, and did nothing to help. These men in trim government suits let millions of poor people who proudly and faithfully tilled the soil of the Earth die a wretched death by hunger and starvation under a state socialized system of Terror-Famine and oppression that they had put in place and paid for in dollars and debts and machines of modern technology. Then when it went haywire as they knew it would they did what they had to do to save themselves, closed their secret files, and went to dinner to enjoy another tasty meal with their friends and families. Men of honor would have vomited out their guts if they had witnessed the consequences of what they did and did not do. Instead, Stalin’s henchmen buried and burned the bodies while the proud diplomats, bankers and lawyers and businessmen of the Anglo-American Consortium that emerged politically omnipotent and fabulously rich from the mud and blood of WWI covered up their tracks and promoted each others’ career.

And so it happened in Soviet Russia in the early 1930s that a holodomor, “death by starvation” was inflicted on this nation of peasants. Holo means hunger in Ukrainian, domor means death. As many as ten million people were deliberately killed according to widely quoted figures of some Holodomor protagonists. Perhaps to the reader it it sounds so incredible that it couldn’t be true. Impossible! You say. A Genocide of that magnitude in the thirties? Could it really be true?

The Powers-that-Be buried the history with skulls and bones of the dead. The perpetrators of the notorious crime showed no mercy and left barely a trace to remember the victims and blasphemy of the crime. Ten million victims perished. That’s a conservative estimate of Stalin, and his spokesman for The New York Times William Duranty. The death toll may be much higher.

Ten million is an astonishing figure, too abstract to imagine as real, yet Americans today have almost no memory of understanding of the twenty odd million loss, civilians and soldiers, including Ukrainians, who perished in the Second World War less than a decade after the Holodomor while in the same conflict the Americans officially suffered only 416,837 killed.* The incredible disparity of losses among Allies claiming victory over Nazi Germany and Japan alone ought to raise eye-brows that something dark and secret is buried in those figures master-minded by the warmongers seeking empire, i.e. world domination. This same logic of machination is still spell-bound in a fragile balance of political, military and diplomatic intrigue between the superpowers. (*WWII death toll from the US Congressional Research Report, “American War and Military Operations Casualties”, Feb. 26, 2010. The same report cites 10,725,345 Soviet dead and some 6 million captured. Russia today estimates are closer to 17 million military war dead, and twice that of civilian victims.)

Exposure of their role as perpetrators of the crime was too painful to confront or admit and so they remained shielded by their estates and headlines of a different nature. Their intention was to divert, mask, conceal. And they did so deftly, wielding economic and political power to control society and rendered the masses ignorant of the truth and impotent to resist. And for more than a half-century the perpetrators leveled layer upon level of diversion and concealment of the true historicity of their complicity cast in their crime.

Down to this day when few have dared to risk their academic careers exposing the traditional version of “History” as the trumped and tragic fake it really was. As I write this week The New York Times published a story on the declining numbers of contemporary diplomatic and political history courses offered at American universities teaching establishment history, culturally political correct interpretations which mostly have very little to do with the realities of the actual events. At the same time the Dean of Faculty at Johns Hopkins University maintained that “traditional diplomatic and economic history are still the specialties that are best suited to deal with American problem’s today”. However, one historian selected to put the priority of knowledge in context as we become more socially, culturally aware. “We’ll widen our frame of reference, while not losing sight of the remarkable fact that a very small number of people still have the power to lead nations into war.” (“Great Caesar’s Ghost! Vanishing on Campus”, The NYT, June 11, 2009)

In 2007, the Ukrainian delegation to the General Assembly raised the question of recognizing the Holodomor as an act of Genocide against the Ukrainian people. Putin’s alarming resurgence of a Stalinist-inspired monolithic Russian dictatorship and Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich’s regressive return power with a fiercely pro-Russian alignment are both decidedly against it. The Day newspaper published in Kiev observed “Russia’s official representatives at the UN did everything possible to have the definition of the Holodomor as an act of Genocide excluded from the Joint Statement of 36 nations on the 70th anniversary of Ukrainian Holodomor.” (The Day, Nov. 22, 2005)

The following year on October 23 the European Parliament adopted a resolution that recognized “the artificial famine of 1932-1933” of the Holodomor as a crime against Humanity. (EU Parliament Press Release, October 23, 2008). Earlier in May, on the occasion of a state visit by President Yushchenko to the Canadian Parliament where he was welcomed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Holodomor was formally recognized as Genocide, and to establish a Ukrainian Famine and Genocide Memorial Day (Bill c-459).