No pictures of Consortium communist horror appear in Time or Life created and owned by Henry Luce and his Skull and Bones chums from Yale. No photos of the GULAG (Glavnoye Upravleniye Lagerey), the vast administrative network of prisons and forced labor concentration camps headed by Yagoda of the OGPU secret police when its established in 1930 in every province stretching all across the Soviet Union. Only happy smiling faces of strong young peasants and workers in the fields and factories were shown in the country and abroad. The Soviet Russians knew but were silenced by the mortal fear of death embedded in their lives Soviet justice enforced by Stalin’s executioners and a nation of paranoid informers so far remote from the comprehension of the West. And for the most part Soviet records are unreliable or unavailable, either lost, non-existent or kept totally secret. And, unfortunately, that practice of secret government is not alien to America with its millions of newly classified documents kept under lock and key every year and denying the people their right to know First Amendment Constitutional Rights.

The Soviet Union keeps their secrets. So does England and America. The business of the Consortium in the Soviet Union was considered by them to be their private business as it is today. The scions of American wealth and power with their links in London and Paris are at the center of this money and influence gang of world centralized banks, global corporate industry and government. It is a natural extension of colonial power by the masters that be– the Rothschilds, DuPonts, Mellons, Morgans, Harrimans, Rockefellers and their kind.

A taboos concealing the truth kept secret by unlawful power protecting falsehoods and corruption in democratic and totalitarian dictatorship lose their grip over public awareness; the internet has pushed societies forward beyond the condition of what the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko in a reference in 1974 to dissident Soviet writer Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn and the doomed poet Osip Mandelstam call living the lie of silence.

The taboo is exposed in controversy. In the past Time-Life publisher Henry Luce and various Consortium servants in the press trumpeted the wonders of Soviet “progress”, perpetuating the American war mythology in the thirties of Soviet communism and American democracy while the secret truth remained concealed in classified government papers and various other scattered sources. This is the story about what really happened in a planned and systematic extermination by Stalin of millions of Ukrainians, men women and children during the peak of the 1933 Holodomor and the Consortium cover-up leading to World War II and the Soviet strategic alliance with the West between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

(*Note. One of the best known Russian Soviet poets in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, born to a peasant family in Siberia in July 1931 was of mixed Russian, Ukrainian and Tartar heritage. His family is exiled after the 1881 assassination of Emperor Alexander II. His early poem So mnoyu chto-to proiskhodt / Something is happening to me becomes a very popular song; praised by Pasternak, Sandburg and Frost; his most famous poem, Babi Yar, denounced Soviet distortion of the Nazi massacre of the Jews in Kiev September 1941. Also a film director of prolific talent Yevtushenko is made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, in 1987, and two years later while backing Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms he’s elected as a representative for Kharkov in the Soviet Parliament.Yevtushenko is not without literary and social critics, rebuked as a false dissident and collaborator. Anatoly Kudryavitsky (A Night in the Nabokov Hotel) considers him more a “naughty child of the regime” than a leader of protest against the totalitarian regime. Yevtushenko even maligns Boris Pasternak’s widow, Olga Ivinskaya imprisoned on bogus charges of foreign currency violations. And he sneers that “Doctor Zhivago is not worth publishing in the Soviet Union”. Soon after her release from prison poet Irina Ratushinskaya dismisses Yevtushenko as an official poet; novelist Vasily Aksionov refuses any contact. This is a tumultuous moment in Ukraine’s national history, and Dr. James Mace in Kiev makes headlines rekindling Soviet responsibility for the Holodomor Terror-Famine.

The consequences of the Holodomor are far reaching then and now. Don’t kid yourself and believe otherwise. Dictatorships are potent rivals. Great superpowers make for even greater dictatorships. Dictatorships rule. Communist China and Putin’s Russia are ominous adversaries for the United States in any future world conflict. Free-thinking democracies are burdensome with so many institutions difficult to manage and lengthy legislative and judicial processes. Of course Bush proved that the country could be easily pushed into line to support the Home Land Security Patriot Act and the Iraq War with its bogus allegations of weapons of mass destruction. American presidents know well that it requires special Executive War powers to fight foreign wars and a vote by Congress. Dictatorships don’t require bi-partisan endorsements. There are even people living in the United States who believe passionately that America is no longer a healthy and pluralistic democracy, but instead a land spoiled by the seeds of industrial military dictatorship.

When people don’t have enough to eat after a time they will starve and die. They lose the ability to live. That will always be a human tragedy. When those same people live in a land of fertile soil with abundant grain and wheat harvests and work hard every day tilling the rich soil that nurtures them and protects their families and then one day that food is taken away from the people who work on the land to plant cut and collect the harvest as they have done for centuries and many people die the tragedy is worse. The authorities with machine guns and bayonets come again and take away all the seed and villagers and leave villages barren and empty and the tragedy is worse than ever. Yet when millions die the tragedy is epic. Despite all reservations it did occur.

When the starvation is man-made and caused by political expediency it is a crime against Humanity. And when the murder of the people is a deliberate act of extermination by careful selection and the people are of a certain biological or national origin this criminal act against Humanity is called Genocide. (I prefer using the capital “G” when referring to this horror of all horrors known to man.) This was the reality of the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine 1933. It is an epic story about the two most powerful nations to emerge in the East and the West in a world of shifting Empire and wealth gone amok with Fascism and greed. (We also might omit the use of the capital letter “F” but won’t for other reasons not to be redundant.)

What would you do if you discovered that your friend was a descendant of a Consortium family who not only knew about the famine in Soviet Russia and the Ukraine but was heavily invested in it? Does it raise serious questions of morality relevant to society today? Murder is committed in the name of a God or ideology or merely the act to serve a higher purpose. For America, this is a real dilemma that requires focus and context for a new generation of Ukrainians in search of national identity after its independence from Russia in 1991 as well as in terms of defining its relations with nations and peoples of the world. It isn’t a small gesture for President Barak Obama to urge that America and Russia “reboot” relations.

But what does this mean really?

This book hopes to help you understand the dilemma of the paradox as is evident when democracy is used as a tool of fascism to control the free world and render people powerless and without a clear voice of resistance. Unfortunately, that trend still seems absolutely unchanged today magnified by an ever greater crescendo of the democracy debate rhetoric that obfuscates the real issues of who and which institutions and corporations control wealth and power and what they are doing with it.

In short, the Ukrainian Genocide of the Holodomor is a most remarkable story. In the natural course of events no one could possibly tell it completely long after the pain and suffering of death is gone with the dead. Yet truth has its own mysterious way of revealing secrets long lost and hidden from view. In a strange way the revelation may be a sort of recovery for both the victims and the survivors. To hear and see the truth that has eluded the general public for generations the writer has resorted to original sources and documented works to unearth buried lies.

The Holodomor remains an ever-present and frightening truth, and ever more so if people do nothing to neither acknowledge it nor ask questions about such an event ever occurring again in the future. Much research remains to be done to reveal more of the truth of what happened and find records of those millions of people lost with families and entire villages annihilated. As we see with resistance from Moscow so too within the operatives and institutions of the Consortium is this true.

Powerful financial, economic, political and social organizations inside and outside of government do not readily reveal their secrets. It is your responsibility, if you care about your freedom and your life, to seek the truth and do what you can to preserve it and make life worth living. To find a good map through life may help you find peace and happiness, and not get lost in a bad logic such as the logic that promoted and condoned a Terror-Famine with all the consequential suffering and killing of millions of lives by a logic secret and unbridled corporate greed, fascism and the betrayal of democratic ideals, government corruption, massive death and despair. In the Great Game of post-colonial Empire and ruthless capitalism Genocide was more than a by-product; it was both a strategic process of practical utility for an end result with still greater consequences for the Holocaust and the Second World War.