This is a story your teachers never told you in high school or college. Survivors of Ukraine dispersed living around the world and in their Motherland still whisper chilling memories to their children of the time when they were hungry, sick with bloated bellies, without bread and bodies everywhere. Most of what is taught in American schools about geopolitical history of the last few generations is either a ton of crap to hide the dirt or shrewdly deceptive and misguiding. Computer technology today will aid the avid reader find facts to help navigate an intelligible course through the rocky shoals of treacherous deception and deep uncharted waters. Under all that there are glimmers of the truth like the lotus flower worshiped because it rises above all the mud. From Buddha to Jesus on the cross and Shakespeare they would tell you the same in a proverb.

In Russia the Holodomor is for the most part ignored or forgotten; from Hollywood to New York City the Holodomor truth is overshadowed with an apparently incessant daily news stream of the Jewish Holocaust with no sign of it waning for the future.

And yet this predecessor of the Holocaust was even more horrific preceded the Holocaust by only a few years. There was never a Nuremberg Judgment to condemn it or exorcise the guilt of a Humanity betrayed by Holodomor Genocide perpetuated on an innocent population by Stalin and his world. It was our world, too, torn asunder in a clash of forces, good and evil deeds, and, as this book reveals, a world transfixed in collaboration with the West. It happens during the prewar years of “peace” during the rocking “Roaring Twenties” and the Great Depression. Your teachers most likely never knew about the evil bleak reality shadowed behind the dark clouds. They didn’t want to know the truth until it was too late. It was and has always been taboo. The Consortium had arranged the agenda especially before Genocide ever became a crime in violation of “the laws of Humanity” in the aftermath of World War II in the Nuremberg Judgment trials. Since it was chartered in 1948, the United Nations, another instrument of Consortium work or order the world, has been primarily responsible for the selective processing to prosecute certain nefarious crimes against humanity.

It still is taboo, off the history map in the political lexicon. Rather, it was all taboo but that is now changing today with the transparency accelerated by the Internet and Wikileaks or Facebook and U-tube type organizations with video blogs and news sharing in an endlessly continuous streaming of data files.

Nor did your teachers tell you about the details of American engineers and technicians, thousands of American specialists sent to Russia in the 1928-1934 years of the Five-Year Plans to modernize the Soviet economy during the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations (1928-1945). With their complicit knowledge a small but incredibly wealthy and powerful group of Anglo-American political and industrial leaders secretly helped build the Communist state of terror under Stalin. This clique with a power center based in Washington and led by Roosevelt and his men then rapidly supplied Stalin with everything he needed to slow Hitler’s race to Moscow across Ukraine and the Eastern Front to save Europe and the West from what Churchill called “the curse of Hitler” for “the survival of Christian civilization” from certain destruction and domination by the German Nazi military machine.